2020 Season in Review

With the news of a mandatory 4WD design for the following year, McMaster Baja Racing’s 2020 season aimed to lay a strong foundation of AWD knowledge and design, jumpstarting a new era of McMaster Baja Racing vehicles. Facing many unexpected challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team powered through the end of the season, virtually competing at Baja SAE Illinois and placing our best at 17th overall.

Although optional for Baja SAE 2020, the team decided to get a head start on the 4WD design challenge. The new approach featured a front differential and mid-mounted engine situated beside the driver to maintain an optimal CoG. The front differential’s design included a failsafe that would revert to RWD by component failure or manual engagement. The new configuration forced design advancements in all subsystems, most substantially in drivetrain, suspension, and ergonomics.

The spread of COVID-19 forced closures of non-essential facilities and event cancellations, restricting access to the machine shop, build space, and dynamic events at Baja SAE competitions. Nonetheless, McMaster Baja Racing demonstrated grit and commitment to finishing the team’s most ground-breaking design.

Even though the 2020 car was not able to be built, the team was still able to present this season’s innovative design in the Baja SAE Illinois static events, performing our personal best to date. Placing 13th in cost, 15th in both design and sales presentations, and granted the 4WD bonus, the McMaster Baja Racing team placed 17th overall out of 70 teams.

With MBR 2020’s novel design and record performance in competition, this season promises significant potential for the future of McMaster Baja Racing.